Bloody Clever–Review Of Bloody Mary: Possession

Six times. Say it. I dare you.

As I’ve said previously, I like to follow the indie films and filmmakers that come my way on The Twitter. Some I follow on my own. Some I follow back because they followed me. Pretty standard.

Also pretty standard, for me anyway, is that if someone follows me, I send a message along the lines of, “Thanks for following. Hope you check out” Often that’s the end of it.

Not always.

In the case of Dark Libra Films, I got a message back asking if I’d like to review Bloody Mary: Possession. Now, when I reviewed Commune, I sought them out. This is the first time anyone’s approached me.

Kinda flattering.
But I was a little apprehensive too. What if I say yes but don’t like their film? What if I feel I can’t write a glowing review? Worse, what if it legitimately totally sucks?

Then I’ll feel bad.

But I asked myself, what would Hunter S. Thompson say? Probably something like, “We are, after all, total professionals.” Or Anthony Bourdain? “In the interest of research. Of course.”

So I said, “Sure, I’d love to.” Gulp.

I’m delighted to report that my apprehension was for naught. Bloody Mary: Possession is, it turns out, pretty damn clever. Whew.

It’s a quirky 24 minutes I must say. Premise is uncomplicated. Sam (Megan Lynn Iosue) wants her boyfriend, Mike (Cam Holmes), to marry her. Specifically, Sam says, “I want a family one day and a husband who believes in whatever idiotic ideas I come up with.”

Believes in whatever idiotic ideas I come up with? Gah. Sounds like hell to me.


Mike, sadly, is douche-y, unlikeable, and relentlessly dim. Sam then finds instructions for summoning Bloody Mary who will supposedly reveal the face of one’s true love in a mirror. Clearly, Sam wants this to be Mike.

What could possibly go wrong?

Exactly what you think could go wrong.

Let’s pause here. I happened upon a couple reviews that I’m not convinced were entirely just. Sure, in terms of technique there are things that could work more effectively (there are some red-eye and focus issues for example), but I don’t see any shortcomings I find that egregious.

Not if I recall the Kuchars or early John Waters and not if I’m taking this for what it truly is: a horror/comedy short that takes a quick romp through an old urban legend.

mary2A few highlights:
-Music box version of The Carpenters song “Close To You” over the opening title sequence. Me, I find that freakin’ priceless.
-Mary. A little Ring-esque but unsettling nonetheless, especially with some nicely executed edits and scare chords.
-Sam’s “I fixed you breakfast smile.” Creepy, unhinged, but also funny. Which just makes it creepier.
-Mike’s over extended scream around 20:15. Played for laughs as successfully as the finger-breaking scene in Darkman.
-Skipping. All I’m sayin’.

Bear in mind that Dark Libra Films is working on what I assume is, at best, a shoestring budget. If they’re anything like me, that shoestring looks like the cat’s been at it.

Seriously. The whole thing (and this is by no means a slam) was shot, edited, and scored on an iPhone 6. And why the hell not? Tangerine was shot with 3 IPhone 5s. 28 Days Later was all digital video. This is not unheard of.

So if you’ve got a half hour, feelin’ a little wacky, you could certainly do worse than jumping over to Amazon and checking out Bloody Mary: Possession.

Again, why the hell not?

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