This I Gotta See: 6 Movies I’ll Be Seeing Because Of Their Trailers

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previewAh previews, I love you so.

Especially for horror movies.

In high school, I briefly dated a girl who was never on time for anything. The first time we went to the movies, we missed the previews. I was willing to overlook this, assuming it was an isolated incident.


The second time, I pointed out how I love previews. Surely she would get the hint. This was an unwise assumption.

The third time she was in the process of making us late, I got noticeably frustrated. On the way to the theater, she said, “You’re only missing the stupid previews.”



Clearly this relationship was doomed. I took her home and never called her again.

Thus ended that romance.

It never occurred to me to lie and build in, say, 45 minutes of lead time before the movie really started, thereby ensuring we’d arrive in time for my precious coming attractions.

Then again, that’s no basis for any healthy relationship, so between high school and college, several love affairs would come to equally screeching halts.

Call me shallow.

To be fair, most of the time, trailers ultimately beget disappointment. Yet somehow their siren song continues to beckon me to steer my ship of self straight for the cinematic rocks.

The point is, previews are almost as important to me as the feature. Not every one casts the Svengali spell that compels me to see movie. Then again, I can’t recall a horror movie I decided to avoid based on its trailer either.

And so, I felt it would be A Good And Useful Thing now and then to round up a handful of trailers from filmmakers I follow on The Twitter (I stuck to films that have not been released yet and purposely stayed away from the major studios, just cuz).

The Cleansing Hour
Gotta admit, not a huge fan of the possession subgenre, but this one’s got me intrigued. Clever enough approach. Stream a fake exorcism. What could possibly go wrong? Other than, y’know, the hoax getting hijacked by a real possession. In for penny, as they say.

Good Tidings
Silent Night Deadly Night, Santa’s Slay, Sint, Christmas Evil, Silent Night. The evil/demonic/psycho Santa angle has been done and done (and done best, in my opinion, by the short version of Rare Exports). Still, Good Tidings got my attention. It has a Strangers feel that I kinda dig (to clarify, I liked The Strangers just fine, but didn’t find it really great, or even particularly scary. Ils covered similar ground far better). The synopsis I read says it involves a homeless vet who has to tap into “a side of himself once thought buried.” Maybe just a little touch of First Blood? Maybe Ruckus meets Machete?

Okay I confess. Christopher Stewart’s review at UK Horror Scene prompted me to watch the trailer, but now I can’t wait to see this! Yes I love horror, but there are several subgenres I can’t get enough of, revenge horror being a major one. K-Shop looks like it has everything I want: bloody vengeance meted (meated? heh) out upon a contemptible segment of the population. While there are obvious parallels being drawn between K-Shop and Sweeney Todd, I’m confident in predicting strong connections as well to Death Wish and Falling Down. Just for the hell of it, let’s add a little Delicatessen whilst we’re at it.

Sun Choke
Here’s another one of my favorite subgenres which I’m calling “Something Is Wrong With This Person But We Aren’t Sure What.” There are also two subcategories. One is for movies like Shutter Island (which totally sucked), The Uninvited (which only kinda sucked), and The Other (which was pretty awesome). The other is for movies like Stoker and The Bad Seed. Based on the trailer, Sun Choke looks like it could mix the two. How cool would that be?

Unspeakable Horrors: The Plan 9 Conspiracy Documentary
What’s not to love here? Ed Wood means nearly as much to me as Hitchcock. I also love smartasses. For example, I really wasn’t all that fired up to read Pride And Prejudice And Zombies until I read the back cover: “Jane Austen is the author of Sense And Sensibility, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and other masterpieces of English literature. Seth Grahame-Smith once took a class in English literature.” Along the same lines, Jose Prendes’s film is also “From the producers who saw Room 237.” Yeah. Saw Room 237. Add some conspiracy theory satire, and I’m sold.

And finally…

The Wolf Family Treasure
At first, I shied away from watching this trailer. I see “wolf” in the title and think, “Gah. Werewolves.” Not a fan. This was not helped by a still of someone in a wolf mask. A couple blurbs here and there, however, assured me I was mistaken, so I checked it out. I was not sorry. Werewolves? Not so much. Murderous witchcraft cults? Yes please. Actually, I get the feeling Wolf Family Treasure will make some group dysfunction/collective insanity moves along the lines of Wendigo, Black Mountain Side, and possibly Shrooms. Count me in.

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