12 comments on “The Doctor Is SO In: The Abominable Dr. Phibes

  1. Confession: I’ve not seen The Abominable Dr Phibes, but I did enjoy your review very much. (It also made me ask, Where the heck have I been?) Vincent Price elevates any film, don’t you think?

    I liked that you described him a tragic, quasi-Gothic figure. I will keep that in mind if I get the chance to see this film. He seems like a very busy person, this Dr Phibes.

    Thanks so much for joining the blogathon and for bringing Vincent Price with you! 🙂

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  2. Damn it! Thanks for rubbing salt in my wounds. Half Price Books (the local outlet of a regional chain in Texas and a few other states) had a copy of a double feature of the two Phibes movies last month. It was a bit overpriced for my wallet at the time, but when I finally had enough someone else had already bought it out from under me…

    Good review. Gotta see this one someday (and its sequel)

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  4. Excellent post! I saw this as an impressionable lad on the tee-vee back in the 70’s and it became one of my favorite horror/comedy films. I’ve been hoping for about 20 years for Tim Burton to get the two films redone (shoot ’em back to back and release them a year apart) with a big all-star cast that mixes old and new genre stars, but it’s a case of my lousy idea not getting any traction.

    Also, while that Midnite Movies DVD is fine and dandy, I’m holding my breath that the GORGEOUS resoration on Blu-Ray from Arrow arrives here at some point: http://www.arrowfilms.co.uk/the-complete-dr-phibes/ It’s been out of print in the UK for a few years, but Arrow has US distribution these days and has been bringing selected titles out here in North America.

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  5. That’s promising, but I always keep an eyebrow raised until I hear about casting and that shooting has started before making that popcorn to smuggle into a theater. That said, I did once consider scaling back my idea for a full-on film and accepting a cable movie or limited run series, as there have been a few horror-oriented shows that seem to have done okay over the years. We shall see what happens, though.


  6. My late father-in-law loved these Phibes films and that’s how I grew to know them. Question: Is the doctor’s last name pronounced “Phibes” with the lone I sound or “Phibes” with the long E sound? It’s a debate my husband’s family hasn’t agreed on. 🙂


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