Lips Of Blood (Or Sometimes It Sucks To Be A Vampire)

lips2Most of the time, I really don’t like vampires.

There. I said it. I hope we can all adjust and move on.

To be specific, I don’t like what vampire film and literature have become.

Seriously, I didn’t like Dracula (neither book nor film). I never bought the alluring/sexy vampire as put forth by Frank Langella and John Badham, or by Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview With The Vampire (though, okay, as a movie I liked it), or by anyone having to do with (gag, choke) Twilight.

There are, of course, notable exceptions. Nosferatu (obviously, duh) holds up well, largely because it has none of the problems I just mentioned. The novel version of Lestat, The Brat Prince, is charming enough. Though technically not an actual vampire, I always dug Michael Morbius.

I also have a painfully low tolerance for most love stories.

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Frogs (Or It’s Not Easy Being Green)

This post is part of the Nature’s Fury Blogathon
hosted by Barry P. at Cinematic Catharsis.


“Frogs lay hundreds of millions of eggs each year. What if they all hatched!?”
What if indeed?

I have a list, as I’m sure many a movie blogger has, of movies I shouldn’t love but do. It’s an alarmingly long list. Frogs is on that list. Specifically, it’s in the Top 5. Possibly Top 3.

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5 Sequels You Probably Missed (Lucky You)

Generally, I don’t feel one way or the other about sequels. Sometimes a franchise can have an effective run. The Lethal Weapon series comes to mind. Sometimes the sequel kicks the immortal piss out of the original, as Road Warrior did to Mad Max.

But then, sigh, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, Indiana Jones, Nightmare On Elm Street. The list of franchises that crashed and burned and/or drifted into self parody is far too long. All too often, we end up with at least one disaster at some point. And every now and again, a sequel comes along that is so far beyond bad that it mercifully comes and goes to no notice.

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