5 comments on “Bone Tomahawk: Cannibals, Cowboys, And…Crane?

  1. Heh. Haven’t seen this or read the book noted, but I get to do so at some point thanks to that fine analysis above. I’m old and spoilers don’t bug me thanks to the older “see for yerself” mantra I consume entertainment by.

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      • Well, Charles Schulz spoiled Citizen Kane for me long before I saw that film and I’m used to hearing or overhearing today’s chatty folks on phones giving away stuff as they stroll around after screenings when I get to attend them. Lots of growing to the point of ducking tree branches.

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  2. Fantastic parallel! It’s been upwards of 10 years since I’ve read “The Open Boat” so your refresher was helpful. I am more intrigued now to see the film (which I’d actually not heard of) and read the text.

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