2 comments on “Eyes Without A Face: A Blog Crossover With The Late-Night Picture Show

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  2. Great post! I feel this is one of many genre films that’s more a product of its time where heavy analysis works against it if you chip at all the cracks. I’d have doubled it up with The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, as both films feature similar plots and treatment of women as purely victims of some sort. The latter is campier by far, but both are more or less riffs on the mad scientist flick. There’s also a vengeance angle here, but that doesn’t go as well for poor body-less Jan.

    Universal’s classic The Black Cat also works to some extent, as does Doctor X (those pre-code flicks can be surprising n terms of content). That said, it’s too bad the source novel has never been translated into English and is a challenge to find in French. I’ve read that film deviates heavily from the book, but it would be nice to have a translated copy (or perhaps I should quit being a sloth and learn the language!).

    Or, team this with Clouzot’s wonderful Les Diaboliques to see a French film from the same period that has more complex characters a realistic plot and a few surprises that sneak up on you. Even better, Polanski’s unsettling Repulsion shows its woman past the verge as Deneuve’s character spirals down into insanity that’s left unexplained until the last moment. Keep a comedy handy for afterwards, as that last shot will keep you up at night.

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