Vampira And Me (Or I Love You Elvira, But…)

The Naro Escape comes with some backstory this month.

Here’s another one of the many, many things I love about Naro Video. A good number of the DVD cases have stickers that say “_____’s Pick,” the blank of course being the name of the staff member who liked it. Hard to go wrong if you take any of these home.

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William Castle And The Origin Of The Slurpie Movie

Ah, William Castle, king of the late late night horror fest. Between Bill Cardille’s Chiller Theater on WIIC, Ghost Host on WPTT, Thing Theater on WPGH, and the film series they used to have at Pittsburgh Playhouse, I saw more than my fair share of William Castle flicks.

I’m not, however, extolling the virtues of Mr. Castle’s prodigious directorial career just now. Another time perhaps. I want to focus on just one of his countless visionary creations that spawned many upon many a slimy, parasitic creepy crawly to come.

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The Shining: My Love/Hate Relationship With Kubrick

shiningI didn’t plan to write about The Shining this week. I was strongly considering a hatchet job (so to speak) on Dude Bro Party Massacre III. Anyway, I had my eldest staying with me the last couple days. The dude bros had to wait since it turned out she’d never seen The Shining.

Where have I failed??

Obviously it was imperative that we remedy this egregious oversight. She loved it. I did too. Again. As always. This may be partly because I haven’t seen it in five or so years. Odd because it’s a) one of my all time favorite films and b) one of the best made films ever, on par, at least in my Great Films Pantheon, with Psycho.


Purely as a horror movie, The Shining is flat out unsettling and not just for its now iconic creep factors. On the level of  isolation/paranoia/insanity/group dysfunction, The Shining (along with Night Of The Living Dead) also paves the way for such films as The Thing, Session 9, Event Horizon, and Black Mountain Side.

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Sun Choke: Whatever Happened To Grande Dame Guignol?

sunAnyone who knows anything about me knows I’m not good at the whole delayed gratification thing. See, back in April, I posted a list of movies I want to see based entirely on their previews.

I am a sucker for previews.

My original plan was to wait for all these movies to come out and do a series of posts reviewing each one. One problem is Good Tidings won’t be out until Christmas. A bigger problem is that K-Shop and Sun Choke are out now.

I wanted to start with K-Shop which I am dying to see, but I can’t. I’ll explain why once I finally get a chance to watch and review it.

Sun Choke was an extremely close second.

Confession time. I thought I had this one figured out about fifteen minutes in, and it was with good reason my cinematic hubris was aroused. Sun Choke displays many of the hallmarks of the finest films in the Grande Dame Guignol tradition.

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