Near Dark

darkThis week’s post is a two-fer. First, it’s the usual monthly Naro Escape review. Second, Naro Video is also participating in the Directed By Women Worldwide Film Viewing Party. I wasn’t about to pass on the chance to support both, so this week’s film is Near Dark, Kathryn Bigelow’s 1987 take on the vampire tale.

I was going to start by saying I truly do loathe vampire stuff. That would be ill-advised, not to mention inaccurate. I mean, just look at the name of this blog. No, what I can’t stand is pretty much every iteration of Dracula.

Stoker’s novel, Browning’s movie, Coppola’s movie, Hammer films (despite their glorious Christopher Lee-ness), Frank Langella, Blacula. You can have ’em. All of ’em.


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4 More Creepy Non-horror Horror Moments

Last week, I wrote about The Bunny Game (in retrospect, I may have been undeservingly kind). In that review, I mentioned a scene that reminded me of the cuts in the video “Close (To The Edit)” by The Art Of Noise.

I had to watch it again to verify that I what I remembered was actually what I saw.

It was. What I didn’t remember was how unnerving it was, which got me thinking again along the lines of one of my earliest posts: creepy scenes that aren’t in horror movies.

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The Bunny Game: It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel

More and more often I find myself more and more indifferent to such extremes as HostelMelancholie Der Engel, even the Guinea Pig films. Clearly I’m not their target demographic. These films don’t scare, anger, upset, or even sicken me particularly.

If they manage to do anything (which does not happen often), it’s merely to confirm my long established, pitch black suspicions about humanity. Not far at all beneath the coiffed, clean shaven, but flimsy veneer of decorum lurk the writhing coils of depravity.

I already know this.

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Breakfast Club Meets Heathers: Massacre At Central High

This week’s post is part of The Back-to-School Blogathon!


If you’re reading this blog, you can blame Roger Ebert. I loved that guy and thought he was pretty democratic about movies. His critiques could be scathing, but they were solidly backed up. Sneak Previews and At The Movies were, for me, like church. For good and/or ill, that’s what made me want to spend every spare minute and dime I had sitting in local cinemas and eventually start writing about it.

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