Rat Movie Round-Up (Or Rat Race, Or I Don’t Give A Rat’s…)

I had the original Willard on while writing the Fade To Black review, partly for background, partly because I hadn’t seen it in a while, and partly for fact-checking. It also reminded me that I love rats.


Especially in movies. Maila Nurmi reading poetry with a rat on her shoulder is one of the few scenes in A Bucket Of Blood worth watching.

Naturally this idea gnawed at me (surely you saw that coming) until I could no longer resist the thought of picking up one or two of my favorite rat reels from Naro Video (indicated by *) to include in a list of my five favorites.Read More »

Creepy Culty Coolness Returns: Interview With COMMUNE Director, Thomas Perrett

commune2Shortly after I started Blogferatu, I put up a Twitter page for it and started following lots of film stuff, especially for indie films. One of them was Commune. In return I got a link from Thomas Perrett to the trailer and was instantly intrigued. I asked where I could see it, and he gave me access to the online screener if I wanted to write up a review. I was completely blown away by this microbudget effort, and Commune remains one of my all-time favorite shorts. So I was thrilled and grateful when Mr. Perrett took the time to answer some questions for me.

Commune has been having a great festival run. Can you give an overview of how it’s been doing?

Commune had a great start on the festival circuit, winning Best Short Horror at its UK premiere  at the London Independent Film Festival and then Best Music at Festival du film Merveilleux Et  Imaginaire in Paris! We’ve screened at 15 or so festivals already, with more to come going into 2017.

Commune has made it as far afield as Saigon at the Underground Film Festival and Mexico at the Morbibo Fest, and next year we’ve at the The Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema in California! I’m also excited to see it screened at some great home-grown fests, such as Horror-on-Sea in Southend and the London Short Film Festival. The reception Commune has received has been fantastic. I was very ready for my first film festival experience to be a difficult, cutthroat arena, and although competitive, everyone we’ve been involved with has been very positive and complimentary towards us.Read More »

Freaky, Fun, Forgotten: Fade To Black

fade2For a somewhat obscure, somewhat more underappreciated bit of slasher fare, you could do far worse than Fade To Black. Now, I’ll be the first to admit it’s not the most awesomest slasher flick ever made, but in its defense, Fade To Black also suffered from some timing and, I’d speculate, financial issues.

For example, right in between Carrie in 1976 and Halloween in 1978 was, obviously, 1977. What happened in 1977? I’ll tell you.

Star Wars.


Everybody saw it. Most everybody loved it. But how many of us caught The Incredible Melting Man that same year?

Yeah, thought so. That’s what happens when the $250,000 budget runs up against $11-13 million.

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