14 comments on “50TH BLOG POST!

  1. Hmmm. Can I nominate the entire sub-genre of what I call “endurance horror” and call it a day? You know, those 1000% humorless gore for gore’s sake films that show people being drugged, tortured, sliced up into chunks and THE END. Horrifying and yet boring in that non-stop intensity. All they do is just end up as fantastic practical effects showpieces for those with cast-iron constitutions while making me wonder who buys and enjoys this stuff.

    Oh, and Rubber is awesome, but you have to commit to it from the start.

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  4. Interesting question, and loving your blog. I always say that horror films are the easiest to review (most horror film are crap (it’s true!), and you can write pages on how scary or not it was), that’s why I also review many of them.


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