Women In Horror Month: The Love Witch


Poor Jerry. I had a nervous breakdown after he left me. They say I’m cured now.

witchSo begins The Love Witch, the first of Anna Biller’s films I’ve seen. Truly she accomplishes something with it, something I found it impossible to take my eyes off of. One of my deepest cinematic regrets is that I never made it to Naro Expanded Cinema to see The Love Witch on a big screen.

It is indeed a sight to behold in all its wide-framed, Technicolor looking glory. It’s a gorgeous film to look at. But there’s so much more going on, so many references being made. It’s dizzying. No wait, not dizzying.


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Women In Horror Month: The Evil-ution Of Barbara Crampton

wihm8-logo-horiz-white-mI was reintroduced to Barbara Crampton in Sun Choke. I already knew she had an impressive B-list (and a few movies that rose above B status), many of them horror and science fiction.

What I didn’t know was how bad she could be. And I don’t mean B-movie Bad. I mean Evil Bad. So as Women in Horror Month continues, I thought it’d be worth discussing the character spectrum Barbara Crampton has played, from stereotypical teen victim to sadistic control freak.

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Women In Horror Month: Put. The Mask. On. Now!


February, time to celebrate Women in Horror Month here at Castle Blogferatu!

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This post is also part of the O Canada Blogathon!

I have to confess, the link between The Mask and WiHM is more personal than obvious. First this review is also, as you can see, part of the O Canada Blogathon. The hosts, Ruth at Silver Screenings and Kristina at Speakeasy, both write movie blogs that I’ve been following for over a year now. While not strictly genre related, horror is still pretty well represented on both sites.

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