Horror Anthology Anthology

Well, everyone here at Castle Blogferatu is nicely mended. With the help of his latest experimental formula, Dr. Terror has restored all to perfect vigor. Interesting side effect, however. The good doctor claims it could extend one’s lifespan thousands of years.

Regrettably, he fears youth does not extend with it, but he’s working on that. Might be time to put that detour sign back up on the scenic bypass in hopes of luring recruiting a few test subjects. In any case, this month’s Naro Escape is that tried and true horror standby, The Anthology Film.Read More »

Still More Creepy Non-horror Horror Moments

It’s that time again. Time to take the lantern from its rusty hook, unlock the heavy basement door, and descend the dank steps that lead to Castle Blogferatu’s movie vault. There we can peer into the oft neglected non-horror section and see if we can’t dig up some more non-horror horror fare.

Ah, here’s an interesting one.Read More »

How Elysium Became A Horror Movie

9:31 a.m. EST, Friday, May 5. That’s when I started this post. I’d started a different post on Wednesday but tabled it for this when I realized that Elysium had, in fact, become a horror movie. How this happened was simple.

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

If you’ve never seen Elysium, you might want to continue to avoid it a bit longer because if you have any vestige of humanity left, it should cause you to lose sleep.

From novels like Brave New World and A Canticle For Leibowitz, to such film classics as Soylent Green, Rollerball, and A Clockwork Orange, science fiction, dystopian especially, has long been a vehicle for thinly veiled social commentary.

Science fiction has predicted and/or criticized issues surrounding overpopulation, state control, even corporate evil and greed, sometimes individually, often in combination.Read More »