The Texas Chainsaw Massacre–A Family Portrait (Revisited)…Revisited

I’ve been thinking about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre of late. It’s probably because Murk, the, uh, let’s call him groundskeeper here at Castle Blogferatu, asked what my favorite movie is. The conversation went something like this:

MURK: Grunt, snort, ugh.
ME: What do you mean, “What is my favorite horror movie?”
MURK: Grunt, snort, ugh, sniff.
ME: No, it is not a simple question, but either Psycho or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, why?
MURK: Mumble, mumble, blurg.
ME: Well, I suppose you’re right. One could arguably examine Chainsaw as a reaction to and commentary on the violence of a post-postmod…Wait. Don’t you have a dungeon to clean??
MURK: Spork.Read More »

You Have The Right To Remain…Unimpressed: The Maniac Cop Series

From time to time, circumstances dictate that I leave Castle Blogferatu in the family hearse in order to┬árun a few errands. Grocery store. Hardware store. Morgue. Local necromancer. Y’know, run-of-the-mill kinda stuff. Every now and then, these excursions into the real world get me pulled over.Read More »