5 comments on “The Blogferatu Guide To Horror Movie Terms, Part 1

  1. “Myth of the Special Day” has an important subset, which is “Birthdays & Holidays” (especially Christmas). I think the classic “Christmas” example is Joe Dante’s original “Gremlins,” where little Phoebe has a trauma about Christmas because of what happened to her father (if you haven’t seen it, I won’t tell you the details because it would spoil the gruesome hilarity). Then on top of her pre-existing trauma, the Gremlins proceed to destroy a Christmas tree and pretty much everything else in the town. For a non-horror example, I seem to remember that Bruce Willis in “Die Hard” is going to be reunited with his ex-wife at a (you-guessed it) Christmas party, when he ends up having to walk barefoot over broken glass to fight the terrorists instead. (How horrifying is that? Well, maybe not as bad as seeing your ex.) Then there are all the “Krampus” themed movies with an evil raging Christmas monster, and that one movie with William Shatner as the radio announcer describing a Christmas slaughter at the mall (like, “Elves Gone Bad” – no, sorry, I just made that up. I can’t remember the real title). For a “birthday” example, I recommend this Thai movie I just saw on Amazon video called “Dark Flight.” It is a bit like what would happen if a 1970s American disaster movie had a kid with a circa-2000 error horror comedy. All these different characters with their various personal dramas get stuck on a haunted airplane, and these zombie/ghost stewardesses keep wheeling out this haunted drinks tray, and then things really get weird. I totally lost it when they brought out a cobweb-covered birthday cake for the “Brave Young Girl” character, and her dad starting singing “Happy Birthday” to her. (I forget if this is before or after the murderous killing spree involving her ruthless Yuppie-style mother.) I can’t think of another “birthday” example off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure there are some out there.

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