11 comments on “Grand Jeté And Grande Dame Guignol: Black Swan

  1. Heh-heh. I don’t go out much anymore, and the first I heard about a movie called “Black Swan” was the parodiy in the “Scary Movie” franchise. Does the actual movie have the stuff about the anorexia, or is that just something they threw into the parody because of ballet dancers & supermodels in general?

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  2. Like you, I wasn’t planning on watching this film more than once, but after reading the two posts written about Black Swan for this blogathon, I feel like I need to. There is a lot to think about when it comes to this film.

    Thanks for participating in our blogathon!

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  4. Wow, that sounds intense! Would you say this film is part horror movie, then? It is interesting how easily ballet seems to fit in with a horror paradigm, perhaps because of ballet’s natural affinity with fantasy and fairy tale?

    Thanks so much for joining and for a fascinating review!


  5. I appreciated and was traumatized by Requiem but hated this film. I could admire its beauty but laughed at its absurdity when I watched it in the theater. The main character didn’t need art to put herself beyond the edge–she was already there, and pretty much anything would have pushed her further, making the art-driving-you-to-the-brink theme absurd. I also found Portman a very unconvincing ballerina. But I DID enjoy your review of it, and am glad you found some reasons to get beyond its grimness. Kunis was the best part.

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