50 Favorite Horror Moments

No, this is not an original idea. I started this list literally 5 minutes after reading Patton Oswalt’s list in the “Collected Writings On Film” chapter of Silver Screen Fiend. It’s good. You should read it. Even if you’re not a big ol’ movie nerd.

Originally I was going to list my 100 Favorite Movie Moments as well. Some time maybe I will, but given the kind of blog this happens to be, I felt it was only fair to list my favorite Horror Moments.

A few other points: 1) My¬†goal was 100. A bit overly ambitious, so I settled for 50. 2) Horror moments aren’t limited to horror movies. 3) “Favorite” means many things- well composed, stunning, disturbing, silly, beautifully shot, gorgeous color, or just makes me happy in that cold, dark place where my heart should be. 4) Alphabetized for your safety and protection and so I don’t have to rank anything on any kind of scale. Here. We. Go.Read More »