4 comments on “A Cynic’s Look At Phantom Of The Opera (1943)

  1. Dear Blogferatu,

    This is a swell article! Thank you so much for joining my blogathon and bringing a new audience, horror film fans, to this blogathon and our website. It always bothered me that Claude Rains, who is the title character and the real lead, got third billing! I understand that Nelson Eddy was a big star and the main box-office draw, but they could have at least given him second, since Susanna Foster wasn’t really a star.

    By the way, I thought you might want to know that you put Susanna Foster’s name as Susanna Ford at the end of your article. You might want to quickly go back and change that.

    Thanks again for your participation, and for following us! I hope that you will be able ot participate in our next blogathon, since I’d love to see more of your articles!


    Rebekah Brannan

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