2 comments on “Summer Reruns 2: Dark Shadows

  1. One of the tragedies of my youth that I never got to watch the entire run of “Dark Shadows” on VCR. I gave it a good try but mostly only got to see the more famous vampire story arc in the middle. You’re right, it is almost impossible to explain the charm of this show to someone who has not seen it. Think kind of along the lines of an American “Dr. Who” without a doctor to hold all the weird story arcs together, and with more of a traditional soap opera melodrama going on. Okay, it is hard to explain the appeal of soap opera to someone who has never been hooked on one, but they offer just enough of a tease that you keep coming back to find out what happens next. Part of the charm of this kind of thing is the “just go for it” attitude, without a lot of Hollywood polish and no CGI special effects, just actors running with these outrageous scripts. I wish I could say that it’s now on my so-called bucket list to watch the entire run of this show, but then I’m asking myself, do I really want to spend that many hours of the life I’ve got left to watch a soap opera (even one with ghosts)? Well, maybe –

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