New Look, New Content, Same Unfortunate Attitude

Hello BlogfeRats. Yes, it has been a while. It became time to sit back and assess what it was I wanted to send forth next out of Castle Blogferatu. Yes, I still love horror movies. Yes, I’m keeping the old reviews here, but after much deliberation and soul taking searching, I decided to refocus on my first, truest, and most abiding love: horror fiction. So starting in the next few days, I will be posting my own horror stories here, mostly in the form of flash and microfiction (and maybe the odd horror-related observation here and there).

Now, now, no time for heartache and tears. I may still be reviewing horror movies on another venue. If so, I will pass that information on. Thanks for reading, and please, please come along with me on this next step in my mutagenic transmogrification evolutionary process.

Kisses. Hugs. Skulls.

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