Nine Love Letters From Lucifer: Part I, II, III

I had to take a brief break. First because of the process of moving. Second was the sudden, tragic death of an extremely close friend. And then, well, all this other crap…but Castle Blogferatu is figuratively open once more, though we are taking a bit of a Masque Of The Red Death-esque kind of attitude of late.

Nine Love Letters From Lucifer

I. Sweetie, You’ve got to calm down. it was a peace offering. i only wanted to make up, give You something nice. it pains me to see You like this, it does. what’s up with the graven image thing? i gotta tellya Doll, i think it’s a self esteem issue. i mean seriously, abraham and isaac? job? You are so insecure. and a little needy. and so what if You’re a little gray? i think it’s distinguished and, well, kinda sexy. bye for now.

II. wrong. it’s all wrong. dante’s got it all wrong…and You know it.

III. i know i haven’t written in a really long time, but as You can obviously tell, i’ve been extremely busy. it’s my first Easter, well, everyone’s really, without Your Son. the truth is, i really was awfully fond of Him, but that may be because He reminded me so much of how You could be. a little softer spoken maybe, but He could show His temper if He wanted. still, i’ll miss Him this year, and that will make me miss You. i know You won’t write…just wanted You to know i guess…

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