Post #5: The Curse Of Physical Media

I love DVDs. This can prove costly unless I manage to miss the 24-Hour Criterion 50% Off Sale. “Miss” is a strong word. “Abandon” may be better. For one thing, it’s just too frustrating. Seriously. Weeding movies out of my $500-plus cart is daunting and makes me sleepy.

My first edit only takes me down to $329 or so, and I just can’t justify eliminating more than that (which was fine since the method of payment I planned to max out use had $340 of available credit, and my retirement plan is to die in debt).

Naturally I proceed to Checkout where I’m prompted to login to complete my transaction. Imagine my horror when doing so empties my cart.

So this is how it’s gonna be. Sigh. Fine then.

I reconstruct my list and assume it’s fate that I forget some titles, bringing me down to $220-something. This is when I’m informed I have to update my card which I do only to find my cart empty again.

Now I’m irked.

At this point I can’t remember anything from the cart, so I take another forced march through the entire film list–1400 or so titles.

Cuz I got time.

With two exceptions I decide this time to only get movies I haven’t seen yet. I glow with the pride of financial responsibility as this knocks my total to around $165. What a good boy am I.

What’s still on this list? Well thank ya fer askin’.

  • Exterminating Angel
  • Four-movie horror set from Shochiku (cuz I want Living Skeleton)
  • Jigoku
  • Kiss Me Deadly (seen this)
  • Leave Her To Heaven (and this)
  • Onibaba
  • The Red Shoes
  • Solaris
  • Two-movie Lady Snowblood set

It’s late, I’m tired, my brain has turned to Cream Of Wheat, so I go to bed. Cuz who knows? Maybe I’ll come up with some more essential titles I gotta pick up. Somewhere in the wee hours, I hear my cat swatting stuff off my desk. One of those somethings sounds like a credit card. She’s such a pain in the ass cute little furball.

Sadly, I wake up to an empty cart. I try every way I can think of to recall said cart. This consists largely of hitting the Back arrow and muttering, “What the fuck?” Still, I quickly reconstruct the list before I have to teach my first class online, but not quickly enough to also find where the cat has swatted my card to. Cute. Little. Furball.

No worries. I can finish up after class. Except when I come back–



I give up and consider the relative merits of abandoning physical media.

A Small Post Script: A word to my buddy, Bob, over at A View From This Wilderness–just wanna point out that these are all good movies.




3 thoughts on “Post #5: The Curse Of Physical Media

  1. That sale was CURSED, I’ll tell you. I was dealing with some family stuff and missed the initial email, but I checked last night and decided to skim for a bit. Given that I raided Barnes & Noble’s sale earlier this year for 17 films, I decided my wallet could use a rest. That said, yep, you (almost?) got some great titles there.


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