Horror 365 Movie 11: Black Christmas (2006)

I mean, this was inevitable. We did the original Black X-mas yesterday, so why not take a quick look at the remakes too? I figured I’d do one today and one tomorrow, so, moving chronologically, 2006 is up next.

And there will be spoilers.

First of all Andrea Martin returns! This time Martin is the ΔΑΚ house mother. Bob Clark turns up again as an executive producer. Oh, the unicorn head is back too!. Speaking of Bob Clark, watch out for Andrea Martin’s demise. Tell me that’s not a callback to A Christmas Story.

Lots of other recognizable folks get offed over the 90-minute runtime. Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Sky High, Final Destination, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World), Michelle Trachentberg (a big plus for all of us who found her annoying as hell in Buffy The Vampire Slayer), and Oliver “where the hell have I seen him before” Hudson (Rules Of Engagement).

Pros- The nods to the original are pretty clever. The first death takes place a scant 2 minutes into the movie before the opening credits even start. Clair hears a noise in her closet (complete with a few things in dry cleaning bags–nice touch), investigates, finds nothing. Then she’s killed with a plastic bag over her head. This method will be used a number of times.

Relatedly, this version also comes with plenty of gore (eye gouging, cannibalism, impalement), and a substantially higher body count–18 as opposed to 7.

Cons- Billy’s backstory gets developed in a major way. I don’t really find anything wrong with the story itself, nor with the way director Glen Morgan handled it. I’m just such a big fan of the giallo-like nature of the original, seeing and finding out about the killer takes away from that.

The “big” plot reveal is telegraphed early on, but while it’s not much of a twist, it’s at least a little reminiscent of Silent Night, Bloody Night. Beyond that, pacing is bumpy, and several transitions come off as clumsy.

Overall, Black X-mas is still a bloody and fun little watch.

On to 2019 tomorrow!

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