Horror 365, Movie 51: Ghostkeeper

A couple of announcements today. First, I realized this morning that I just blew right past the 50th movie without so much as a nod of acknowledgment. So, yeah, 50 movies so far. Woo. Yay me.

Right. So much for fanfare. More importantly, I’m adding yet another small feature. When possible, I will let y’all know where you can see these movies (based on whatever information I have available). This came primarily from providing such information (and sometimes links) for folks asking in the Comments. I’ve also seen it on a few other blogs and thought it was a good thing to provide.

What can I say? I’m a giver.

Anyway, on to Ghostkeeper. which starts out with this:

This turns out to be way less informative than one might suspect since, wowzers, what a tuuuuh-rainwreck.

Three friends, Chrissy, Jenny, and Marty, are out snowmobiling. They pop in to a wayside joint to warm up, leading to the predictable “ignore the admonitions of the old local” banter. This leads to ignoring a Keep Out–Private Property sign which brings our plucky band to the seemingly abandoned Deer Lodge where they make themselves at home. There they plan to wait out the storm they were warned was coming and proceed to pad the plot with a bit of mind numbing dialogue.

By the 35-minute mark, nothing significant has happened. On one hand, I get it. Audiences have become desensitized over the last few decades by movies where something major happens in the first 20 minutes. It’s become a cliché, so I’m all for a good slow burn. On the other hand, there’s a swirling vortex of difference between a slow burn and just not lighting the damn fuse.

Normally I announce that spoilers are coming, so consider yourself informed as per protocol. Really though, not necessary for this one as there are zero surprises. Predictably, the place is not abandoned after all. It’s looked after by a batty old woman who we first see spying on Jenny from a closet. There’s also a moderately interesting subplot about Jenny, her mother, and insanity.

Chrissy finally gets offed around 40 minutes. Trust me. You see it coming long before that. From there, the plot begins to cave in on itself rapidly. The old woman comes across Jenny wandering around. They have a brief exchange that ends with the old woman saying, “You know, you’re an okay one. You’re tough inside. You gotta be tough to handle this job. You gotta be ready every minute, and I’m gettin’ too old for it.”

Well. That’s ominous.

Later Jenny is drugged and wakes up in a different part of the lodge. There she finds a book called Indian Legends Of Canada wherein it is written, “The flesh-eating giant could be kept by certain people, mostly females who had an ancient power handed down from one to another.”

Well. That’s ominous.

From there, she discovers The Big Bad and is then attacked by the old woman’s son. With a chainsaw. How novel. She flees back to the main part of the lodge from the part she apparently was not being held captive in which begs the question, what was the point of it all?


After Jenny kills the murderous son, Marty (the boyfriend), completely out of left field, inexplicably goes completely insane and runs out into the cold. Meanwhile, back at the lodge, a hiker shows up. Just outta nowhere. Based on the fact that the credits list Les Kimber as Storekeeper and nobody as Knifed Random Snowshoe Guy, I’m assuming they’re one and the same.

We see The Big Bad three times for a total of maybe 15 seconds. It’s never made clear what he in fact is. Online descriptions just call him a Windigo, but nothing in the plot suggests or supports this really.

It’s just one of many questions, none of which seem worth answering. Is the old woman looking for a replacement? If so, why does the son try to kill Jenny? Why does the old woman try to kill Jenny herself? If not a Windigo, what, in fact, is The Big Bad? Ghost? Giant? Dude in bad FX makeup?

Still, there’s something to be said for nostalgia. One of those late-night Bill Cardille Chiller Theater kinds flicks I loved so much as a lad. There’s something to be said for nostalgia. Maybe I’ll go sit with it a third time.


2 (it’s growin’ on me though–it is growin’ on me)

4 onscreen
1 left to freeze to death

As of 1/25/21 available free on Amazon Prime and Tubi

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