Horror 365, Movie(s) 82: Top 100 Movies That Aren’t Horror

I’m an unabashedly enthusiastic genre guy. Ain’t no apologies for that although it does give rise to its own strange crop of questions and assumptions. For instance, “How can you watch stuff like Hostel?” I dunno–how can anyone watch stuff like I’m Thinking Of Ending Things?

A very close friend of mine will on occasion say something like, “Hey, did you see…nevermind. You don’t watch good movies.” In his defense, he’s neither a cinema snob nor completely wrong. I do love a bad horror flick, and most “cinema” (in elitist, Scorsese terms) strikes me, more often than not, as pretentious, bloated, and self-indulgent. In my defense, “good” and “bad” are slippery terms. Of course I can see what’s good about Citizen Kane. I’ve seen it, and once was enough thanks. Bored the hell out of me, and that, I think, is bad.

Still, in the interest of showing that I’m not a narrow-minded genre exlcusivist, here’s my Top 100 Movies That Aren’t Horror. I’m excluding documentaries (which I love)–that’s a whole other post. Also these are not ranked. The very thought of ranking them was hellish. Instead, they are alphabetized for your dining and dancing pleasure.

    1. All About Eve
    2. All About My Mother
    3. Amadeus
    4. Animal House
    5. Anniversary, The
    6. Barfly
    7. Beautiful Mind, A
    8. Best In Show
    9. Big Chill, The
    10. Big Lebowski, The
    11. Billy Jack
    12. Blast Of Silence
    13. Blood Simple
    14. Breakfast At Tiffany’s
    15. Breakfast Club, The
    16. Bull Durham
    17. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
    18. Christmas Story, A
    19. Dark Knight, The
    20. Dead Ringer
    21. Death Of A Salesman (1985)
    22. Detour
    23. Dirty Harry
    24. Double Indemnity
    25. El Mariachi
    26. El Topo
    27. Enter The Dragon
    28. Excalibur
    29. Face In The Crowd, A
    30. Fargo
    31. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    32. Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
    33. Fistful Of Dollars, A
    34. Fritz The Cat
    35. Godfather, The
    36. Hair
    37. Hamlet (2009 David Tennant)
    38. High Plains Drifter
    39. Hobbit, The (1977 Rankin/Bass)
    40. Holy Mountain, The
    41. Home Alone
    42. Hoosiers
    43. Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
    44. Jason And The Argonauts
    45. Kiki’s Delivery Service
    46. Kill Bill Vol. 1
    47. Kiss Before Dying, A (1956)
    48. Kiss Me Deadly
    49. Kiss Of The Spider Woman
    50. Knightriders
    51. L.A. Confidential
    52. La Dolce Vita
    53. Leave Her To Heaven
    54. Lethal Weapon
    55. Little Women (2019)
    56. Locket, The
    57. Longest Yard, The (1974)
    58. Magnificent Seven, The (1960)
    59. Maltese Falcon, The
    60. Man Who Killed Don Quixote, The
    61. Matrix, The
    62. Midnight In Paris
    63. Mighty Wind, A
    64. Mildred Pierce
    65. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
    66. Mosquito Coast
    67. Murder My Sweet
    68. My Fair Lady
    69. Nightmare Alley
    70. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
    71. Outlaw Josey Wales, The
    72. Pale Rider
    73. Pride & Prejudice (2005)
    74. Princess Bride, The
    75. Pulp Fiction
    76. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    77. Reservoir Dogs
    78. Richard III (1955)
    79. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
    80. Rounders
    81. Scent Of A Woman
    82. Sense And Sensibility (1995)
    83. Seven Samurai
    84. Silverado
    85. Six-String Samurai
    86. Smokey And The Bandit
    87. Snatch
    88. Sunset Boulevard
    89. Sword Of Doom, The
    90. Tombstone
    91. Touch Of Evil
    92. Trumbo
    93. Waiting For Godot
    94. Watchmen, The
    95. When Harry Met Sally
    96. Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
    97. Wild At Heart
    98. Wilde
    99. Yellow Submarine
    100. Yojimbo

And there’s my list (which is, of course, subject to change at any moment). If you question my taste, logic, ore sanity for anything I included or didn’t, let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Horror 365, Movie(s) 82: Top 100 Movies That Aren’t Horror

  1. There’s something creepy in seeing you out of your comfort zone, I must admit… I will excuse what you said about Citizen Kane because you satisfied the “Orson Welles Quote” with Touch of Evil, but I will never understand what people like of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita: I’m Italian and I fall asleep every single time I try to watch it! But now, seriously, a very nice list, now you can relax and go back to Hostel (I like that too by the way) 😉

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