Horror 365, Movie(s) 143: Found Footage

Found footage is surprisingly polarizing. Most of the horror nerds I know either laud it as one of the greatest cinematic developments to come along in the 20th century or condemn it as stupid and gimmicky. Others come down just as decidedly on specific films, The Blair Witch Project possibly being the best example. Everyone I know who has seen it either loved it (which I don’t get) or hated it (my people–hugs, kisses).

But I’m not here to rant about The Blair Witch Project and its countless shortcomings. Instead, I thought I’d put together a list of 50 Fairly Forgotten Found Footage Flicks. How’s that for alliteration? These are films that flew under the radar and haven’t been talked about much (admittedly for good reason in some cases).

  1. Afflicted
  2. Apocalyptic (aka Apocalypse Cult)
  3. Bay, The
  4. Blackwood Evil
  5. Borderlands, The (aka The Final Prayer)
  6. Classroom 6
  7. Dark Flower
  8. Dark Mountain
  9. Delivery: The Beast Within
  10. Devil’s Pass (aka The Dyatlov Pass Incident)
  11. Devil’s Doorway, The
  12. Digging Up The Marrow
  13. Dirties, The
  14. Fear Footage, The
  16. Found Footage 3D
  17. Frazier Park Recut
  18. Gracefield Incident, The
  19. Grave Encounters
  20. Grave Encounters 2
  21. Heidi
  22. Hell House LLC
  23. Hell House II: The Abaddon Hotel
  24. Hell House III: Lake Of Fire
  25. Hide The Monster
  26. Houses October Built, The
  27. Houses October Built II, The
  28. Incident At Loch Ness
  29. Investigation: A Haunting In Sherwood, The
  30. Jeruzalem
  31. KAOS Brief, The
  32. Lake Mungo
  33. Landing, The
  34. Last Broadcast, The
  35. Last Exorcism, The
  36. Leaving D.C.
  37. Levenger Tapes, The
  38. Man Vs.
  39. Monster Project, The
  40. Nietzermann
  41. Ouija Experiment, The
  42. Phoenix Tapes ’97, The
  43. Quarry, The
  44. Rorschach
  45. Sacrament, The
  46. Scare Campaign
  47. She Walks The Woods
  48. Turtle Island
  49. Willow Creek
  50. YellowBrickRoad

I’m giving no indications here about quality one way or the other although I have seen all of these and they are all on The Neverending Move List if you have an unyielding and irresolute need to see what I thought. I’m always on the lookout for more along these lines as well, so definitely leave me suggestions in the Comments. And if you’re seriously into found footage, it’s also well worth checking out Found Footage Critic.

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