Horror 365, Movie(ish) 150: Fangoria

Actually made it to 150 Posts! Damn. I figured I’d last a couple weeks. Maybe a month. So, in honor of such a stellar benchmark, I’m celebrating with a small contest. See, I renewed my subscription to Fangoria magazine, largely for two reasons. First, cuz the guy who used to run Videoscope passed away, so Videoscope is no more, and it was the go-to mag for genre flicks. Second, if I renewed my Fangoria subscription, I got a nifty t-shirt with this on it for free.

So here’s the contest part. This image references a specific anthology movie. The first person who can give me the movie title, the specific segment this refers to, and the star of that segment–that poor, misguided soul will have the unenviable “honor” of assigning me a horror movie to review. Yeah it ain’t much, but we’re on a shoestring no-string budget around here. Plus it seems fun, so drop your responses in the Comments.

13 thoughts on “Horror 365, Movie(ish) 150: Fangoria

  1. A buck fifty huh? Very well done my friend. And no I don’t know that one though that growing/creeping grass thing is joggin’ something. A meteor or something infects a guy and starts to grow like grass everywhere including over him. Damn and I so wanted to win to make you review Mary Poppins.

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