Horror 365, Movie(s) 167: Thrift Store Cinema

So now that I’m all officially vaccinationizated, I’ve started creeping back to a few of my semi-regular public activities, a big one of which is hittin’ up the local thrift stores for movies. I’ve amassed a good amount of my 850 DVDs this way, and as I mentioned in The Curse Of Physical Media Part III, I have a working VCR and a growing collection of VHS tapes (some of which are even horror). Here then are today’s culprits. First, the DVDs.

Didn’t have it. Ain’t seen it. Have not heard great things. But for 98¢ some things can’t be helped.


Suprisingly, not only did I not have this, I haven’t even seen it. I should fix that.


I really liked this but somehow never got around to grabbing a copy.


I know. It kinda sucked. But I’m kind of a completionist.


No doubt, Dear Reader, what you’ve really come to see is some good ol’ VHS glory. Here ya go.

I know. I’m probably a cynical, meanspirited asshole, but I just can’t resist something like this. I mean, who knows where the next Winnebago Man might be found?


Retirement Plan B.


Where do I even start? Heston. The Bible. Moses. The NRA. Talk about “Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition.”


I saved the best for last. Actually, maybe this is Retirement Plan B.

3 thoughts on “Horror 365, Movie(s) 167: Thrift Store Cinema

  1. I’ve had both jabs as well now. Its great to finally get that done and get back to going out a bit more as well. You got some great new films there. The Butterfly Effect was pretty good as I remember.

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