Horror 365 Movie (ish) 173: I Find Weird Stuff Part II

Every now and then it’s required that I leave the safe, homey confines of Castle Blogferatu and venture forth into the worst circle of Hell itself. Yes, Dear Reader, I occasionally have to go out in *shudder* Public. And worse still, I have to do stuff.

Today is one of those days. Sadly, that means a short post, even if it’s for no other reason than to keep this ill-conceived streak alive. To that end, I decided that every now and again, when circumstances such as these arise, I’d post something to give folks a little insight into Castle Blogferatu’s Benevolent Overlord.

If you’ve ever seen an interview with Guillermo Del Toro at his house, you know he’s got pretty much an entire floor dedicated to horror stuff–figures, posters, collectibles, etc. I’ve attempted to replicate something similar in my own place–all three rooms of it. So while Del Toro has a whole floor of stuff, I have a big bookshelf and a few items scattered here and there around the joint.

And so, meet Lavinia.

I did not name Lavinia. That’s the name she came with. She told me so. Lavinia was found by some misguided friends in some eerie little antique shop in some dark back alley in some remote part of the English countryside. Oddly, when my friends tried to return to the place the next day, they couldn’t find it. I guess they just lose track of things easily or something.

Okay I may have bent the truth a bit. Lavinia is the actually creation of Lorena Haldeman and is possibly the single most terrifying thing I own. For one thing, she looks kinda like the creepy-ass baby masks from Brazil (there’s my movie connection).

I’m kinda looking forward to face-to-face classes startin’ up again. My plan is to bring this cup to class on exam day, face it toward the students, and warn them that “Lavinia’s watching. Aaalllwaaays watching. She will know if you cheat. She never blinks. Not. Ever.”

And check out HaldeCraft to have a look at more of Lorena’s stuff.

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