Horror 365 Movie(ish) 181: Announcements!

So…a couple sizeable announcements from Your Humble Narrator, both involving my good buddy Jorge Mendez. I’ve mentioned Jorge a few times over the course of this blog. He’s a poet, the host of the Monday night open mic at Venue On 35th, and the haunt master of Gloom House 757.

See, a number of years ago, Jorge and I put out a poetry book called Candy And Rigor Mortis. Well, we decided it’s time for a new one–Post Mortem: Candy And Rigor Mortis Part II. Cuz sequels.

Like the first one, this will be a joint collection of horror-themed pieces, and we’re shooting for an October release. Cuz Halloween. And, it will be available for sale right here live before your naked steaming eyes on this very blog!

Second, we’re planning on starting up a podcast sometime in the unspecified but not too distant future. It’s an idea I’ve been playing around with for at least a couple years but just can’t seem to take the first steps. I mentioned this to Jorge, and he jumped right on board.

It’ll be called, naturally, Podferatu. As of now it will definitely be horror-related and heavily (but not exclusively) focused on horror movies. What’s great about having a partner is that people will have more to listen to than just my dumb ass.

Anyway, more details here as they arise. Keep it creepy kids!

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