Horror 365 Movie 186: The Munsters

Dang it. Getting my damn car fixed and having to teach soon has painted me into another short post corner. Fortunately, I have a topic right handy. If you’re reading this, there’s a better than average chance that you already know Rob Zombie is making a Munsters movie. The Interwebzes has been a-buzzin’ with the news.

Okay maybe a-buzzin’ is a little hyperbolic. But I have seen a few posts here and there about it on social media, especially The Twitters and The Gram. Feelings are already mixed and include a shit-ton of trolls, taste preference gatekeepers, fuckwits, and other such naysayers. And that’s fine. Have your opinion. My problem is the folks whose “I think this; ipso facto, it must is correct” cups runneth over and spilleth onto my upholstery.

Here’s a wee sample (with annotations):

  • I don’t have high hopes for this movie if he can’t even spell “Monsters” correctly  —Either stupid or a failed attempt at humor
  • The. Worst. Idea. Ever.  –Oh, you need to get out more darlin’ bless yer heart
  • Oh no.😞 Beloved characters are now going to be dirty and grimy. Because of his fetish, he’s going to make Marilyn white trash and make the rest of them vulgar and nasty. Ugh I can’t believe this  –Again, I don’t get the love, so vulgar and nasty? Yes please. Nice touch of classism with the “white trash” though. Well played
  • Why mess with a classic?  –Cuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzz it was an overrated, dumbed down attempt to cash in on the humor of Charles Addams?
  • Is it going to be full of sex and gore like all of the other shit that you make?  –Good lord & butter I hope so. If not, I still can’t wait to see it
  • Do we really need the screaming hillbilly version of this?  –Probably meant Hellbilly
  • he’s gotta (I hope he) leave the sweetness of Herman intact, that’s so important to why he’s a great character, hell the tone of the show too  –I couldn’t disagree more, and I’ll end on this one because no matter what the fuck he does, I can’t wait. Me personally, I can’t stand The Munsters. I thought Herman was by and large an idiot, and I don’t know that I’ve ever made it through an entire episode. That said, it’s no secret how much Rob Zombie loves The Munsters. He’s commented on it more than once. That’s good enough for me. Regardless what he does with/to the source material, it can only be an improvement. If it’s Devil’s Rejects violence and gore, crude Superbeasto humor, family-friendly homage, or something completely apart from Rob Zombie’s ouvre, I’m here for it. I have yet to see a Rob Zombie movie I didn’t like, so yeah, I’m on board.

6 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie 186: The Munsters

  1. We all have a right to our own preferences and I respect yours. I, myself, definitely do Munsters and I definitely do not do Rob Zombie. So you can go ahead and count me from the same crowd of those people you quoted above with the exception of the the first quote. (That first quote sounds like it’s from someone who isn’t familiar with the series.) In this time of violence, pervasion of culture, and out-right hatred, we need optimism similar to that of the era that The Munsters was born out of. While it spoofed the darkness of classic horror films, it broke the stereotype of monsters by depicting the family as loving. I’m not saying Rob Zombie’s films are bad (although I never liked them), but I am saying that I don’t see him doing near the job that the original Munsters series did, a job so badly needed today. That said, I don’t see his version being much more than a movie with simply the Munsters logo and title attached to it. I’ll be skipping that one.

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