Horror 365 Movie(ish) 189: Another Announcement

Yes, True Believers, there’s more news afoot about another new development. As some of you poor things may have sorted out by now, I have a great many opinions and enjoy running my mouth (or at least the onscreen equivalent thereof).

But not all my razor-sharp, indispensable insights quite fit the theme and scope of what we do here in Castle Blogferatu. In an effort to untangle so Gordian a knot as this, I’ve taken it upon myself to create another blog that will house all the raging absurdity that I can’t bring myself to include here.

And so, I unveil The Crunchy Frog. Some of you will no doubt recognize from whence this moniker cometh. If not, by all means, have a look at the Python lads. I promise you won’t be sorry. I can’t promise the same about the new blog, but as Edith Massey used to say (according to John Waters), “Can’t be lucky every day!”

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