Horror 365 Movie(ish) 193: I Find Weird Stuff Part III

Today was a lot. It started out at a medical facility where my eldest was getting an endoscopy. I wasn’t allowed to sit in the waiting room, but I could sit in the outer lobby where there are 2 small chairs which are A) not good for laptop work and B) right next to the elevators where all the peoples were to-ing and fro-ing. Explain that one.

The 1st floor benches are right by the entrance. My point is, whatever they’re trying to accomplish by keeping me out of the waiting room is contradicted by the other available options. No benches outside to sit on neither. I was also told I could wait in my car as long as I stayed in their parking lot which is what I did, under a tree. There were a breeze, but I couldn’t access the facility’s wifi out there. But I also didn’t have to keep the car running or put a mask on.

So I wrote this right quick on Word so’s I could cut and paste it later. Then I hit an ungodly amount of traffic on the way home causing my normal just about 1-hour ride to become 2½. I’m ready to bite somebody. That makes what you’re about to see somewhat appropriate.

I happened past this at a local supermarket a while back. Naturally, I picked it up. I was going to return it from whence it came, but I then I read the label and thought, “Okay I better buy it.” Guess it’ll, as they say, put hair on your chest.

In other news, I will be on the road Thursday and Friday, so in order to keep the 12-month streak a-goin’ there might be another “filler” post or two. I beg everyone’s indulgence, and I’ll try me ‘ardest to make it up to all y’all.

2 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(ish) 193: I Find Weird Stuff Part III

  1. Relax, you’re forgiven in advance. And now that you have become a double blogger, you are excused if you entertain us with just a bottle of Transilvanian Red… 😉 But could it be Transexual’s Transilvania from our beloved Frank’n Furter?

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