Horror 365 Movie(ish) 196: I Find Weird Stuff Part V

Going out in the garish light of day amongst the general populace is a good and healthy thing. If nothing else, it reminds me why I leave Castle Blogferatu as little as inhumanly possible. Relatedly, I was gonna go back to movie posts today, but I’m fast running outta spoons for the weekend.

I was able to muster up enough of ’em to hit up a couple yard sales this morning. I try to do that whenever one comes up cuz they can be great places to find cheap DVDs. Sadly, I found nary a single one, but I did come back with a few other items that I obviously have to share.

I’ll start with this. Cuz skulls. Apparently it lights up. Needs batteries though.

I also found this. I only bought it because of A) the container and B) the barcode on the container.

And finally, today’s most terrifying find and quite possibly the second most terrifying thing I now own (the first, of course, being Lavinia whom many of you have already met).

In the event that I have guests over, my plan is to move this to a new location while they’re asleep. What can I say? I’m a jokester. Anyway, tomorrow, for sure, I’ll be back to some kind of legit movie post of some iteration. Tatty-byes.

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