Horror 365 Movie(s) 202: Introducing Full Moon Friday!

Greetings, children of the night. It’s time once again to institute another new segment here at Castle Blogferatu. This particular idea came about from a post on The Twitters from Full Moon Features. Turns out they have a channel that’s available through Roku. The offer was that if you sign up for a full year, you get to pick 10 DVDs from their catalogue.

How could I pass that up and still call myself a horror guy much less live with myself?  Here, then, are the spoils, guarded of course by my crazy psycho jungle cat, The Bonster Monster.

Naturally I decided I gots to review all these. But it wasn’t long before I asked myself, “Self, why stop there? Why not do a Full Moon flick every Friday?” Why not indeed. So, for your amusement and bemusement, I present…

Full Moon Friday

Beginning with the haul pictured above, next week will be the first film featured for Full Moon Friday (I always love and allow for a lot of alliteration). I have a choice in mind, but I’m open to suggestions down in the Comments.

One thought on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 202: Introducing Full Moon Friday!

  1. I’m stupid excited about this. I love Full Moon films so much. I just watched Puppetmaster II a couple of days ago. My favorite was always the third one. I’ve watched Subspecies a ridiculous amount of times. I have all four of them here somewhere.

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