Horror 365 Movie(ish) 208: I Find Weird Stuff Part VII

On the road most of today, so I wrote this up right quick whilst I had some time yesterday and scheduled it ahead of time on accounta I’m so clever-like. Kind of ironic I guess given my two technology-related posts recently.

Okay, I didn’t actually find this winsome l’il sucker. My daughter and her wife got it for me. Adorable though, yes? Just beggin’ for a smooch. It currently lives on a bookshelf near my bed and guards me as I lie thrashing and ranting in what passes for the gentle embrace of slumber here in Castle Blogeratu.

I haven’t come up with a decent name yet. Feel free to leave suggestions in the Comments. In fact, we can even make it another wee contest of sorts, like when I posted my Fangoria shirt and asked for the movie details it referenced, and the “winner” got to pick a movie for me to review.

Let’s do that again. Leave me some name suggestions, and I’ll decide on one. The “lucky” iron-jawed reader to clench victory in their teeth will again get to assign a movie for me to post about.

And just a reminder, tomorrow is the first film for Full Moon Friday! Can’t wait! Culty schlock, exploitation weirdness, alliteration! It’ll be very.

4 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(ish) 208: I Find Weird Stuff Part VII

  1. Well, Tief, as it kinda sorta looks like a little tiefling and if it ever falls off a shelf above you onto your head, that’ll be some story to tell about the odd bite marks…

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