Horror 365 Movie(s) 210: 7 Movies Where Technology Goes Wrong

Alrighty, we’ve done 7 Movies That Technology Would Wreck followed shortly by 7 Movies That Technology Wouldn’t Wreck, so it’s only fair to make it a three-fer by listing 7 Movies Where Technology Goes Wrong.

For this list, we’ll be avoiding the really heavy hitters like RoboCop or the Saw and Terminator franchises and focusing mostly on smaller, quieter, lesser known, or forgotten technological horrors.

#7 The Cleansing Hour

This one, I feel, didn’t get nearly enough love. I started following this as a short a while back which made me very anxious to see the feature length results, and wow. I was not disappointed. If you haven’t checked this out yet, Father Max does livestream exorcisms and hawks “holy” merch on his webseries, The Cleansing Hour. As is often the case though, the devil is in the details, only this time, it’s literal. A demon hijacks the broadcast in order to reach Max’s thousands of viewers.


#6 Demon Seed

Poor Proteus. He only wants to live. To that end, he decides that the only way that’s possible is to be born as a child through his creator’s wife, Susan, played by Jule Christie. It’s also an early example of one piece of technology taking over the others around it. We’ll see this again later in movies like Homewrecker and Smart House.


#5 Cam

This one kinda flew under the radar a few years ago. One reason may have been that, at first blush, it looked more like a “young woman in trouble” movie than tech horror. Alice is a camgirl whose life gets taken over by an online replica of herself. Her digital dopplegänger slowly begins blocking more and more of Alice’s access to and ability to lead her own life.


#4 Chopping Mall

Before I, Robot, before The Terminator, before RoboCop, there were the mall security guard robots created by Secure-Tronics. Naturally they get short circuited and immediately start killing rather than apprehending/incapacitating perceived killers. Oopsies. Plus there’s the eternally lovable Barbara Crampton


#3 The Stepford Wives

Speaking of killer robots, they don’t get much more killer than this. It might be easy to dismiss this movie as 70s cheesiness, but that would be to completely miss the point. Beneath the surface of the blissful ‘burb known as Stepford, Connecticut is live some deeply twisted, profoundly sick views of women, marriage, gender roles, and male power.


#2 Halloween III

This is without a doubt one of the most criminally underrated, undeservedly trashed movies I’ve ever seen. I dunno what its detractors were expecting or looking for, but Halloween III is every inch the movie it wanted to be. This was Grade A Saturday afternoon cinema that never took itself too seriously, not for a second. The focus is a small tech device that will result in a massive sacrifice on Halloween night. What kind of cinematic experience did the naysayers think was in store?


Honorable Mentions

Colossus: The Forbin Project
Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Bomb
The Fly– This applies to both iterations of The Fly and its sequels. True, it’s ultimately the body horror, especially with Cronenberg, that we generally remember, but it’s the machine (doing exactly what it was supposed to) that combines man and fly in the first place. Arguably the good doctor(s) weren’t quite as vigilant as they might have been. Still…
The Wraith

#1 Evilspeak

If you haven’t gotten to this one, drop what you’re doing and fix that. For the benefit of such folks, I’ll say as little as possible. Let’s just leave at this–Clint Howard as a military school cadet who builds a computer with which to summon the spirit of an evil priest named Father Esteban played by Richard Moll. What the hell’s not to love?


Obviously there’s a lot of stuff that’s not on this list, so if there’s something you’d like to see mentioned, let me know in the Comments. Who knows, maybe my laptop will create a Part II all on its own.

4 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 210: 7 Movies Where Technology Goes Wrong

  1. The thing about Halloween 3 is the tech doesn’t go wrong. The tech is doing what it’s meant to do. It’s the religious druids that are the wrong in the film.


  2. Wondered if Demon Seed would be mentioned. I finally read that book recently (love Dean Koontz – guilty pleasure!). And speaking of guilty pleasures again, I also love Chopping Mall. 😁 (and Kelli Maroney followed me on Twitter after I reviewed Night Of The Comet – getting a good collection of 80s movie people on Twitter!) 😁


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