Horror 365 Movie(s) 211: Thrift Store Cinema Part II

Right, so I’m DMing an adventure today. Speaking of, it’s lotsa fun when you’re a horror person and most of your players aren’t. I’ve stolen so many plots and sprung so many Saw type traps on these poor devils.

Anyway, my point is, today has to be yet another short post. Fortunately, I did have time to zip out to a nearby Goodwill in the Bowie, Maryland area, and managed to fill in some collection gaps. Apparently it was Sequel Sunday. Okay that’s not really a thing, but it should be. Regardless, I snagged a few.

4 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 211: Thrift Store Cinema Part II

  1. Pulse is really good! especially if its the original Japanese version, that film was so creepy. The US remake was ok as well as I recall. Sunshine is great film as well, a very different and emotionally charged kind of space movie.

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  2. Nice haul! I never find any good DVDs! I like to check out charity shops for DVDs & books but it’s all a load of crap & extremely mainstream stuff. Maybe people around here just have horrible taste (or never give away their really good books & movies. I dunno!). 😊


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