Horror 365 Movie(s) 236: Thrift Store Thursday I

Yes hello and welcome to Thrift Store Thursday. This is the day where I take a break from “the big posts” and share some stuff I’ve picked up at some point during the week. Sometimes I manage to get to an actual thrift store on an actual Thursday. Not always.

Today’s haul for instance was neither obtained on a Thursday nor from a true “thrift store.” Irregardless (yes, I did that on purpose–I know it ain’t a word), Thursday is when the post goes up. All about the alliteratin’ & all.

Anyway, these are from Book Exchange in Norfolk. I love this place. You take them used books, CDs, DVDs, etc. They give you store credit you can use on whatever you want. DVDs are 3 for $12.

What often surprises me is the stuff I don’t have. I mean, how could I not have The Stand or Metropolis already? Oh, and the one on the bottom might be tough to read. It’s the Criterion edition of Time Bandits. Not exactly horror, not exactly not. I picked up I’ll Bury You Tomorrow specifically because I’ve never heard of it. That should be fun.

Come back tomorrow for Full Moon Friday!

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