Horror 365 Movie(s) 211: Thrift Store Cinema Part II

Right, so I’m DMing an adventure today. Speaking of, it’s lotsa fun when you’re a horror person and most of your players aren’t. I’ve stolen so many plots and sprung so many Saw type traps on these poor devils.

Anyway, my point is, today has to be yet another short post. Fortunately, I did have time to zip out to a nearby Goodwill in the Bowie, Maryland area, and managed to fill in some collection gaps. Apparently it was Sequel Sunday. Okay that’s not really a thing, but it should be. Regardless, I snagged a few.

Horror 365 Movie(ish) 208: I Find Weird Stuff Part VII

On the road most of today, so I wrote this up right quick whilst I had some time yesterday and scheduled it ahead of time on accounta I’m so clever-like. Kind of ironic I guess given my two technology-related posts recently.

Okay, I didn’t actually find this winsome l’il sucker. My daughter and her wife got it for me. Adorable though, yes? Just beggin’ for a smooch. It currently lives on a bookshelf near my bed and guards me as I lie thrashing and ranting in what passes for the gentle embrace of slumber here in Castle Blogeratu.

I haven’t come up with a decent name yet. Feel free to leave suggestions in the Comments. In fact, we can even make it another wee contest of sorts, like when I posted my Fangoria shirt and asked for the movie details it referenced, and the “winner” got to pick a movie for me to review.

Let’s do that again. Leave me some name suggestions, and I’ll decide on one. The “lucky” iron-jawed reader to clench victory in their teeth will again get to assign a movie for me to post about.

And just a reminder, tomorrow is the first film for Full Moon Friday! Can’t wait! Culty schlock, exploitation weirdness, alliteration! It’ll be very.