Horror 365 Movie(ish) 239: List List

I’ve had this idea since, I dunno, probably March, and that was to have a month of nothing but lists. The hard part was coming up with a month that I could turn into some clever, or if not clever at least painful, pun. I’ve seen these elsewhere: Japanuary, Ani-May, Shocktober, Schlocktober, Noirvember, Deadcember. But I couldn’t come up with anything for the word “list.”

The best I could manage was a synonym for “list” which is “catalogue.” And so, welcome to Day 1 of CatalAugust. Yeah, it’s lame, but I’m kinda fine with that. I’m doing a new list-type post every day. Seems like a fine way to end the summer.

And so, to start things off, here’s a List List. These are all potential ideas I have for the month. Obviously a few of these will hafta go, and several might be replaced with newer, better, or more self-indulgent ideas as the month goes on, but hey, at least you’ll have an inkling of what might be lurking around the corner.

  • 13 More Rules Of Horror
  • Anthology Anthology Part II
  • Barbara Crampton Movies
  • Best Adaptations
  • Best Kills
  • Best Lines
  • Books That Should Be Horror Movies Part IV
  • Evil Children Part II
  • Favorite Horror Stories
  • Favorite MST3K Episodes
  • Favorite Shock Rock
  • Found Footage Failures Part II
  • Found Footage Favorites
  • Horror 102
  • Horror Documentaries
  • Horror Games
  • Horror Mockumentaries
  • Horror Movie Terms Part II
  • Horror Tunes Part II
  • It Isn’t Horror–But It Is Part II
  • Movies I Hate
  • Movies I’ve Banned
  • Movies I’ve Never Seen
  • Movies I Watched And Forgot
  • Movies You Didn’t Know Were Books
  • One Of A Kind
  • Overrated Movies
  • Remake Wishlist Part III
  • Scenes That Disturbed Me
  • Slurpie Movies Part II
  • Underrated Movies
  • Unintentional Horrors Part II
  • Worst Adaptations
  • Worst Lakes
  • Worst Summer Camps

That’s what I’ve got so far. Some of the ideas on that image up top also look fun, and I would of course love to get your list suggestions in the Comments as well.

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