Horror 365 Movie(s) 246: CatalAugust Day 8, Stuff I Forgot

So…as of this writing, according to yon Neverending Movie List, I’ve seen over 1200 movies. And that’s just the horror and horror-related stuff. And and I remember the overwhelming majority of them. At the very least I remember something about the overwhelming majority of them.

But not quite all of them.

There are a few here and there that I can’t remember a single damn thing about. Not. One. I find that listworthy. Here then, for your amusement and bemusement are 20 Movies I’ve Watched And Completely Forgotten.

  1. The 5th Wave- 2 Skulls. You’d think I’d recall something that bad. Had to do with aliens I think?
  2. Another Earth- 6 Skulls
  3. Bleed- 5 Skulls. I think there’s an abandoned prison involved
  4. Camera Phone- 2 Skulls. There may have been a party
  5. City Of The Living Dead- I mean, it must have something to do with zombies
  6. Dark Flower-  4 Skulls. Again, you’d think I’d remember why
  7. The Dark Tapes- 8 Skulls. I must’ve liked it. Watched the trailer. Nuthin’
  8. Dead Space: Downfall- 8 Skulls. Again, musta liked it. Don’t remember why
  9. Deep Space- 3 Skulls, but Fred Olen Ray, but wow, zero details
  10. Evidence- 2 Skulls
  11. The Gate II- 1 Skull. It both amazes and concerns me that I could forget something that was apparently this bad
  12. Growth- 8 Skulls. I read a synopsis. Sounds great. Wish I knew for sure
  13. High Lane- 8 Skulls. Again, looks good from the synopsis. Couldn’t tell ya
  14. The Horror Of It All- 9 Skulls. And it has Pat Boone. What the hell?
  15. The House By The Cemetery- 6 Skulls. Okay, at least a 6 is in the range of forgettability
  16. The Howling II: Your Sister Is A Wereworlf- 2 Skulls
  17. Joy Ride 3: Roadkill- 4 Skulls
  18. The Levenger Tapes- 7 Skulls. All I know is the poster for this and #10 are pretty much the same
  19. Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor- 6 Skulls. All I remember is it ain’t Kafka
  20. Monsterland- 7 Skulls. I didn’t write down a year, so I couldn’t tell you if I watched the 2008 or 2016 movie of this name

Well, that’s a little more than halfway through The Neverending Movie List which is as good a place as any to take a break. Not sure why it is I can’t remember something like Growth but I’m stuck with something as shitty as Harbinger Down or Let’s Be Evil in my head. It’s just not fair. Anyway, let me know if you remember anything about any of these. And fear not, true believers. There will be a Part II.

6 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 246: CatalAugust Day 8, Stuff I Forgot

  1. I’ve watched House By The Cemetery at least a dozen times. It was my first Fulci. I’ve seen City of the Living Dead once and only remember I shouldn’t have been eating ramen at the time. The rest I haven’t seen, or have I?

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  2. Another Earth with Brit Marling? That was pretty forgettable until the last maybe five minutes. House by the Cemetery? Meh… unless you’re planning on putting a grave in your hallway. Take notes!

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