Horror 365 Movie(ish) 249: CatalAugust Day 11, 5 Of My Favorite Streaming Services

I used to have an Amazon Prime subscription. I didn’t really use it enough in terms of shipping for it to pay for itself. I only had it for the movies, and for a while you could find some pretty good stuff for free if you were a member. Over the years, though, fewer and fewer of the titles I’m interested in are free with memembership, and I end up still having to rent them.

I find this unreasonable. I don’t think any horror nerd, no matter how devoted, should be forced to shell out even ¢99 for The Green Slime for instance. So yeah, fuck ’em. Prime had to go.

I do, however, retain my Roku. If you’re not familiar, this is a device rather than a streaming service, and has a big, I mean big ol’ heapin’ heppin’ of these weird little channels you can click on and watch whatever movie is running at the time (so timing is, of course, everything). There’s also a buncha subscription channels where you can find all manner of weird culty coolness. So, here are some of my faves that don’t help fuel the Bezos space program.


I love Tubi, and as far as horror titles go, they’re slappin’ the shit out of a lot of other channels. I routinely see stuff on Tubi that I can’t find any place else. The reason Tubi isn’t higher on this list is because it’s ad driven which interestingly I don’t mind as much as I thought I would. But still.

Criterion Channel

A little pricey, but they do have a ton of stuff, the best transfers going, plus not only a surprising amount of horror, but a surprising amount of surprisingly schlocky horror.

Full Moon Channel

Another subscription service, but they run a good number of deals that will get you a free year or provide some kinda perk. I bought a one-year subscription which allowed me to select 10 DVDs from their catalogue. Yes please duh.


This is a great setup for any movie fan. You subscribe through your local (or institutional if you’re a student) library if they participate.


These folks have a respectable representation of titles, more than enough to justify their subscription rate. They’re also doing some topnotch stuff on the original content front, stuff like Horror Noire for example. Plus they have Joe Bob Briggs. Hell, that alone is well worth the price of admission.

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