Horror 365 Movie(s) 250: CatalAugust Day 12, Thrift Store Thursday III

Today’s find wasn’t exactly at a thrift store, but close enough. I found these at Plan 9 Records in Richmond, Virginia where I was spending an afternoon with my younger daughter.

A few observations.

Kingdom Of The Spiders- 1977 William Shatner greatness. He plays a veterinarian named, brace yourselves, Dr. Robert “Rack” Hansen. Yep. Rack. This was a must buy. And on Blu-ray no less. Thank sweet baby jeebus for that.

Stoker- I saw this when it first came out. I knew zero about it other than it was a horror movie, so I assumed it had something in some way to do, directly or indirectly, with Dracula. It did not. I was not, however, disappointed.

The Grapes Of Death- This is Jean Rollin who doesn’t often turn his hand to the zombie subgenre. The French title is Les Raisins De La Mort which is infinitely more entertainint. Yeah yeah I know perfectly well the “grape” in French is “raisin,” but come on…Death Raisins?

Island Of The Dead- Two words. Malcolm McDowell.

Murder Mansion- Who doesn’t love Spanish horror?

Neither The Sea Nor The Sand- Way way way before the saccharine love story inflicted on us by Warm Bodies, there was this. Plus its US release was through International Amusement Corp, a staple in the cult/grindhouse collector world.

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