Horror 365 Movie(s) 251: CatalAugust Day 13, Full Moon Friday: Top 10 Full Moon Flicks

Yes, hello and a Happy Friday The 13th, True And Faithful Reader. Normally today I’d be stretched out on a tattoo artist’s table gettin’ some ink in honor of this fine holiday (well, holiday to us here at Castle Blogferatu). Sadly, that was not to be this time. Perhaps in May. Anyhow, time for another Full Moon list. Just two more after this, and Full Moon Friday will be back to its regular reviews.

Today, I thought we’d take a look at some of my favorite Full Moon flicks. I’m playing a little fast & loose with what constitutes Full Moonity here, as some of these started out as various pre-Full Moon Charles Band productions. Still, they’re all currently listed under Full Moon’s catalogue, and as I’ve said so often, my damn blog that I don’t get paid for.

#10 Laserblast

This is more for MST3K than for Full Moon or the movie itself. This is one of my all time favorite episodes (which, come to think of it, should be a list of its own. Hmmm).

#9 Castle Freak

I like this for one mainly for one minor reason. Aside from some of their high water marks like Tourist Trap, Dolls, and Puppet Master, Castle Freak was the first of the somewhat lesser known Full Moon flicks I’d seen that didn’t go overboard with boobs and sex gags. Plus Barbara Crampton.

#8 Prison

Charles Band often jumps on the bandwagon of whatever is trending in the horror world in order to both capitalize on its popularity as well as offer its own off-kilter twist. Prison is actually a little ahead the Wes Craven curve on this one. A falsely accused prisoner goes to the electric chair then comes back from the dead to exact vengeance. In this case, pervy Kane Hodder is the prisoner. But switch him with Mitch Pileggi, add some electricity-based powers, and you end up with Shocker.

#7 Subspecies

The list of vampire movies I will sit through willingly much less enjoy is astonishing in its brevity. This one, however, is right near the top. And it was filmed on location in Romania. And and I deeply appreciate the blatant ripoff of homage to Nosferatu with the front-fanged, long-fingered vampire Radu.

#6 Re-Animator

Certainly there were gonna be some cuh-lassics on here. While it was in fact an Empire flick, Empire was nonetheless a Charles Band house and pretty much the precursor to Full Moon and certainly showcased the off-the-wall handling of filmmaking and story that would become hallmarks of Band, Stuart Gordon, and Brian Yuzna.

#5 From Beyond

Goes hand in hand with Re-Animator really.

#4 Tourist Trap

One of the earliest and arguably creepiest productions under the Charles Band umbrella. A buncha yutes end up at a rundown roadside attraction full of mannequins that come to life. Or are they people that get turned into mannequins? Or both? It’s not entirely clear which is just fine with me.

#3 Dolls

The fact that lotsa folks missed this one doesn’t make it any less of a classic. Like Prison, it’s another movie that actually prefigures, in this case by a good couple years, some ideas that will come back even stronger in Puppet Master. Come to think of it, Dolls even beats Child’s Play to the punch in terms of the killer dolly subgenre.

#2 Head Of The Family

This is wwweeeiiirrrd, and I’ve reviewed it more fully not long ago. But it’s just so full on, bat shit, we give zero fucks bonkers that it’s definitely in the Top 5 of this Top 10. There’s also a sequel I haven’t gotten to yet, but who can resist a title like Bride Of Head Of The Family?

#1 Puppet Master

Right, so this one actually is a full fledged bona find Full Moon Feature. It’s fairly well synonymous with Full Moon at this point, is widely recognizable, and has, at least in terms of the puppets themselves, become iconic in cult and not-so-cult circles. It remains my favorite in the Full Moon library, so much so there will be another list forthcoming (and that’s all the detail I’m givin’ y’all). Beyond that, it’s also one of my all time favorite movies in general.

And them thar’s my 10 favorite Full Moon Flicks. As always, I’d love to know what yours are. Let me know what yours are down in the Comments!

4 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 251: CatalAugust Day 13, Full Moon Friday: Top 10 Full Moon Flicks

  1. I love the Puppet Master series, the third one is my favorite. My number one is Subspecies. I have all four in the series but the first one is definitely the best.


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