Horror 365 Movie(ish) 259: CatalAugust Day 21, Horror Heroes Part II

A while ago, I did a list of my favorite Horror Heroes from the comic book world. As soon as I posted it, I knew there’d be a Part II sooner or later, so here are 6 more heroes with ties to horror and/or the supernatural.

#6 Darkman

I guess maybe this is cheating a little bit in the sense that Darkman was not an actual comic book character first, but holy crap does he have ties to them, especially The Question. The Question disguises his face with a substance called Pseudoderm while Darkman uses a synthetic skin. Both were designed with the intention to treat injuries, and both have limitations that prevent that. Pseudoderm, it turns out, can be toxic, especially if used on open wounds. The synthetic in Darkman is photosensitive and breaks down after 100 minutes in light.

#5 Cloak & Dagger

I wasn’t a big follower of these two, but they’re certainly worth pointing out. Dagger shoots out light daggers that can drain a person’s vitality. Cloak, however, envelops people in darkness. He also comes to possess D’Spayre’s Dark Form which enables him to teleport people into The Darkforce Dimension. Those exposed to his darkness come face to face with their deepest fears and may be driven insane. So, yeah, how cool is that?

#4 Howard The Duck

Yeah, as choices for this list go, this one’s, well, an odd duck. But stay with me. His first appearance is 1973 in Adventure Into Fear #19. He’s had significant interactions with Dracula, Man-Thing, The Nexus Of All Realities, and was taught spells by Dr. Strange who offered to continue training him as well. So, yeah, Howard The Duck. If only someone would make a movie. What’s that you say? I can’t quite hear you. 1986 you say? No, you must be mistaken. That was just some obscene aberration that should never have seen the light of day. Oh, and speaking of Dr. Strange…

#3 Dr. Strange

Before he became Benedict Cumberbatch, Dr. Strange was just Dr. Strange, your run-of-the-mill Sorcerer Supreme and master of the mystic arts. An uncle of mine actually had Strange Tales #110 from 1963, and I read it as a wee lad some time later. I immediately wanted to become a sorcerer but would settle for being a magician. Sadly, I did not have the patience to practice sleight of hand or anything, so my tenure as Sorcerer Supreme ended before it began.

#2 The Spectre

Here’s a bona fide classic. The Spectre first appeared in 1940, hot on the heels of Batman and Superman and is arguably the most powerful hero in the universe. He’s invulnerable to pretty much all types of damage and is able to manipulate such low-level trivialities as space, time, matter, energy, and reality. He acts as a judge of the guilty and is capable of visiting whatever punishments he desires on those he judges.

Honorable Mentions

Adam Warlock, Jonah Hex, Magik, Phantom Stranger, Scarlet Witch

#1 Moon Knight

I love Moon Knight almost as much as I love Ghost Rider, and this is another hero who is just screaming for a good movie, and not some lame-ass Disney+ shit neither. No, this needs to be dark, bloody, and rated R. His superhuman powers are tied to the phases of the moon (which is lune-y), and he can more or less resist many forms of psychic attack. This is due in part to the fact that he has multiple personality disorder. He’s also rich and has an arsenal of supercool gadgets and weapons. In other words, Moon Knight is in some ways like a ‘roided up highly unstable Batman. Who couldn’t love that?

And that’s it for Part II. Not sure if I’ll get to a Part III for this or not. As always, I’m open for suggestions.


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