Horror 365 Movie(s) 264: CatalAugust Day 26, Thrift Store Thursday V

Sometimes these posts involve stuff I picked up at some thrift store some time in the past. Other times, it’s stuff from a used DVD joint. But not today. No today is a for really reals, authentic, dyed in the wool, bona fide, actual Thrift Story Thursday that involved an actual trip to an actual Children’s Hospital Of The King’s Daughters thrift store. Known ’round about these here parts as KD, a big ol’ heapin’ heppin’ of the proceeds benefit the hospital. Here’s today’s haul.

The things I don’t already have always surprise me, like Carnage Park, The Relic, and Trollhunter. Death Race 2050 I picked up cuz who doesn’t love a Roger Corman joint? Okay, Corman produced this one, but still. And it has Malcolm McDowell. Groom Lake I’d heard of but only bought it because of 3 glorious words: William Shatner Presents. Can’t go wrong. I don’t really care for The VVVVVVitch, but figured, eh, should probly have it, especially for $1.98.

But it’s not always just movies that I come across on a thrift store run. My favorite colleague spied this. Is that not awesome? Being a movie nerd and a big Wes Anderson fan, it seemed like a professional obligation to buy it.

All told, today’s outing took a whoppin’ $17.85 outta my paycheck. Well, $20 cuz I left the change in the “For The Children” jar.


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