Horror 365 Movie(s) 250: CatalAugust Day 12, Thrift Store Thursday III

Today’s find wasn’t exactly at a thrift store, but close enough. I found these at Plan 9 Records in Richmond, Virginia where I was spending an afternoon with my younger daughter.

A few observations.

Kingdom Of The Spiders- 1977 William Shatner greatness. He plays a veterinarian named, brace yourselves, Dr. Robert “Rack” Hansen. Yep. Rack. This was a must buy. And on Blu-ray no less. Thank sweet baby jeebus for that.

Stoker- I saw this when it first came out. I knew zero about it other than it was a horror movie, so I assumed it had something in some way to do, directly or indirectly, with Dracula. It did not. I was not, however, disappointed.

The Grapes Of Death- This is Jean Rollin who doesn’t often turn his hand to the zombie subgenre. The French title is Les Raisins De La Mort which is infinitely more entertainint. Yeah yeah I know perfectly well the “grape” in French is “raisin,” but come on…Death Raisins?

Island Of The Dead- Two words. Malcolm McDowell.

Murder Mansion- Who doesn’t love Spanish horror?

Neither The Sea Nor The Sand- Way way way before the saccharine love story inflicted on us by Warm Bodies, there was this. Plus its US release was through International Amusement Corp, a staple in the cult/grindhouse collector world.

Horror 365 Movie(s) 243: CatalAugust Day 4, Thrift Store Thursday II

Not only is it Thrift Store Thursday, today is a special VHS edition. These are all tapes I’ve picked up around several places over the last little while. All told, what you see below came out to 10 bucks. Let’s jump in.

First off, starting in the middle, I never knew there was a House That Screamed let alone a sequel. The Stepford Husbands looked like a must buy. I mentioned recently to my new buddy Film Miasma that I’ve seen it on DVD for $13.50 or thereabouts, but I can’t imagine it’s worth paying more than the $1.50 I shelled out for it. There’s also a boxed set on Etsy that has Stepford Wives, this, Stepford Children, and Revenge Of The Stepford Wives. Trail Of A Serial Killer I snagged only because where the hell else are ya gonna find Chris Penn and Michael Madsen in the same non-Tarantino movie? The Night Holds Terror is a cuh-lassic noir.

Over on the right is Future-Kill. Now that’s an interesting story. I’ve been looking all over for it and can’t find it on DVD or BluRay except as a Region 2 import. You can watch it for now on dailymotion, but that could get yanked at any time. So when I saw this, I snapped it up.

Finally on the left, the same kinda thang goes for Invasion Of The Saucer Men which, to my knowledge, is only available on DVD as a bootleg. Supposedly this has something to do with someone related to someone who won’t release the rights to distribute it on DVD or something.

So there ya go, another thrift store haul (composite in this case).