Horror 365 Movie(s) 276: Stuff I Forgot Part II

When I did the first part of this list about a month ago, I got halfway through the alphabet, decided that was plenty, and said there’d be a Part II. Well here it is, 20 More Movies I’ve Watched And Completely Forgotten.

  1. Night Of The Blood Beast- 1 Skull. The only thing I remember about this is seeing the above Super8 box in the department store when I was but a lad.
  2. The Oblong Box- 4 Skulls. I know this is based on the Poe story of the same name and vaguely recall that it had nothing to do with that story. Vincent Price and Christopher Lee were there.
  3. One Dark Night- 2 Skulls but apparently not bad enough to be memorable
  4. The Ouija Experiment- 2 Skulls. See #3.
  5. Parasitic- 3 Skulls. I do remember tracking this down online when I was watching a bunch of virus and parasite movie during quarantine.
  6. The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues- 2 Skulls
  7. Poltergeist 2: The Other Side- 2 Skulls. This may in fact be the only sequel on either list
  8. Predator: The Quietus- 1 Skull. My only memory is that this had nothing to do with the Predator movies.
  9. Rejuvenatrix- 1 Skull. I think I saw this on Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater back when it was on what is arguably the greatest cable station of all time, The Movie Channel.
  10. Resident Evil: Extinction- 4 Skulls. The only Resident Evil movie I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t tell you a thing
  11. Revival Of Evil 1 Skull. This is actually another Satanic panic erar documentaries about the evils of Dungeons & Dragons, heavy metal, and New Age. I had to look that up.
  12. Rorschach- 6 Skulls, and yet, nada.
  13. Scarecrows- 2 Skulls. I think there were mercenaries or something.
  14. Shelley- 5 Skulls. I reread the synopsis. Sounds great. Wonder what happened.
  15. Silent Retreat- 2 Skulls. At some point there was a tongue in a wooden box. That wasn’t enough to make the rest of the movie memorable
  16. Steel And Lace- 4 Skulls. It’s on this list, so it musta been a horror movie. Sounds like a bad 80s cop show.
  17. Terror In The Skies- 1 Skull. No, no not the Smithsonian Channel series about air travel, but cryptid documentary.
  18. The Unearthly- 5 Skulls. You’d think I’d remember more than the fact that John Carradine and Tor Johnson were in this.
  19. The Vault- 4 Skulls. A bank. People. A vault. Something spooky musta happened.
  20. Viral- 6 Skulls. I think this turned out to be more about a parasite than a virus, but who knows?

I dunno, I think forgetting a mere 40 movies out of 1200 or so is pretty good although one more Prussian-like forced march through The Neverending Movie List could conceivably produce a Part III at some point.


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