Horror 365 Movie (TV) 278: Thrift Store Thursday VII

Hey you! Don’t watch that! Watch this! This is the heavy heavy monster sound! The nuttiest sound around! So if you’ve come in off the street, and you’re beginning to feel the heat, well listen, buster, you better start to move your feet to the rockinest, rock-steady beat of Madness! One Step Beyond…

No, no, no, not that “One Step Beyond,” this One Step Beyond.

I mentioned this series recently in the 9 Neglected Network Horror Shows post. What I did not mention is that I found these over at the Hope House Thrift Shop. Hope House is a local agency that “provides services to adults with developmental disabilities exclusively in their own homes or apartments — regardless of how complex their disabilities may be.” I know some of those folks, so I’m a big fan and support the organization when I can.

Anyway, I’ve seen this Vol. 1-15 collection online for upwards of $50. I’ve also seen 6-disc boxes with 70 episodes for maybe $15. I picked these up for $10 total. Now I’ve got no excuse for not seeing it.

Also, several folks told me that yesterday’s post was not their favorite. But, that’s kinda where my head was at since I weren’t feelin’ great. Much better today, naturally, since I’m just doing a thrift store post. It’s true, though, that I do live for irony, so there’s that.

Also also, I listened over and over, and I’m convinced the song starts with “Hey you! Don’t touch that! Watch this!” But the lyrics I see online all say “Don’t watch that!” Go listen to One Step Beyond for yourself and let me know.

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