Horror 365 Movie(s) 289: Top 10 Tuesday, Top 10 Recent Or Upcoming Movies From My Watchlist

I get some pretty clever ideas for posts once in a while if I do say. But I get better ones from my readers (when the 3 of your aren’t busy). I also get some fine ones from my friends (when the 3 of them aren’t busy). But by far the best ideas are the ones I just straight up steal.

And that’s what this is. A friend of mine who writes fifty-two, a book blog, is doing one of these today, and yeah, I totally 5-fingered this idea. It started off at The Broke And The Bookish (sadly no longer active) back in 2010 and now carries on at That Artsy Reader Girl in 2018.

Seems like book bloggers in general have things a little better in hand than many of us movie bloggers. Or at least better in hand than me. Cuz I’m lazy and really bad about marketing, self-promotion, and even just looking around the movie blog world for the kinds of things the book bloggers do.

My point is, this is one of those lists. I may start doing it regular-like because I have a new class starting today that runs from 130-330, so, y’know, time. Anyway, this stolen idea is Top 10 Tuesday, and my debut list is Top 10 Recent Or Upcoming Movies From My Watchlist. Here we go.

#1 The Block Island Sound (2020)

Here’s what letterboxd says: “What’s controlling the town of Block Island? There’s a force lurking off the coast and the widlife and people are all behaving strangely.” Sounds Lovecrafty to me. I’m with it.

#2 Boys From County Hell (2020)

This just looks like a lotta Shaun Of The Dead kinda fun.

#3 A Classic Horror Story (2021)

A girl hitchhiking to southern Italy and considering an abortion. Looks like folk horror. Sign me up.

#4 I See You (2019)

The mask alone is more than enough to convince me.

#5 Last Night In Soho

I gave The VVitch a second chance and was able to see its merits, but I still don’t think it was nearly as great or scary as lotsa folks seem to. But Anya Taylor-Joy was really good in it even though I always confuse her with Margot Robbie for some reason.

#6 The Last Thing Mary Saw (2021)

I mean come on. It’s got Isabell Fuhrman (the terrifying Esther from Orphan 2009). If she’s not enough, there’s also Rory Culkin.

#7 Mad God (2021)

My 3 favorite words—Stop. Motion. Animaiton.

#8 The Manor (2021)

Going all the way back to The Haunting (1963), I love movies that deal with the question “Is it the supernatural, or is somebody outta they mind?”

#9 Midnight Mass (2021)

Okay it’s a Netflix series, but still. It looks like more culty folk horror, so, yeah, I’m on board. Plus there’s the creepy version of “Somewhere Only We Know” in the trailer.

#10 Room For Rent (2019)

I have no idea what this is about, and I don’t even care. I will gladly watch any horror movie Lyn Shaye appears in regardless of how much or little screen time she has.

Okay, my first Top Ten Tuesday list. I like it. Pretty sure I’m gonna make this a thing.






10 thoughts on “Horror 365 Movie(s) 289: Top 10 Tuesday, Top 10 Recent Or Upcoming Movies From My Watchlist

  1. Yeah, I’ll be adding Boys from County Hell to my list. And I think we have a High School clique kinda thing goin’ on here. Lori with her organized, probably smartly dressed and self satisfied people, Tom with his torn jeans, D&D dice and thrift store long coat folks motivated, but only, eh, for the most part and me, waving from the empty bleachers, friendly recognized waves at least, where I sit with a notebook and a muted Bucco game on my phone.

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  2. Thanks for all the recs, Top Ten Tuesday sounds awesome. I’m always impressed by people who can make lists. As soon as anyone asks for my “Top Number Whatever” my mind goes completely blank.
    I want to hear your reaction after you watch A Classic Horror Story.
    My kid starts her first Composition class tomorrow. She tried to get into your class but it filled up before the school straightened out her English placement.

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